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Inovative, sharp, excellent

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1080p Full HD Image 


HD Image 

FHD Image 

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CBI Plus 

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The CBI (Compound band imaging) technique takes full advantage of the absorption characteristic of hemoglobin towards specific wavelengths of light, and makes it possible to introduce color (optics staining) to blood vessels and superficial fiber structures by emitting compound light with wavelengths of 440nm and 540nm. Relying on a new image sensor, the close-up images are sharper and clearer.

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Wireless power supply

Wireless power supply refers to a power supply mode that electricity is first converted to other energy and then to electricity. The AQ-200 system is under non-radiative wireless power supply, and wireless power supply is achieved based on the principle of magnetic coupling resonance.

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Laser Transmission

The AQ-200 adopts innovative technologies to set a new standard. Laser transmission guarantees high-speed and stable signal transmission, providing a real-time high-quality image. Paired with wireless power supply, the sealing performance is greatly improved, protecting your devices and patients.

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Radio frequency identification RFID


The AQ-200 system additionally integrates RFID technology. It can support the individual mode and one-click card swiping, according to the doctors' operating habits. It quickly reads the doctors' customized key setting information, reducing the time required for doctors to set up an instrument and effectively improving work efficiency.

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Dual-image display


The AQ-200 system supports dual-image display, so it is unnecessary to switch back and forth between normal light and CBI mode, and can simultaneously view CBI images and white light images in real time, which makes it easier to compare and identify the lesions and improves diagnosis efficiency and accuracy. It is provided with 26-inch super-large medical monitor, with better dual-image display effects.

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