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Price efficient HD imaging   

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HD Image 

SD Image 


HD Image 

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CBI Chromoendoscopy 

White light




The CBI (Compound band imaging) technique takes full advantage of the absorption characteristic of hemoglobin towards specific wavelengths of light, and makes it possible to introduce color (optics staining) to blood vessels and superficial fiber structures by emitting compound light with wavelengths of 440nm and 540nm. Relying on a new image sensor, the close-up images are sharper and clearer.

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HBE Hemoglobin Enhancement


The HbE function is designed to enhance the visualization of heme in blood and highlight the vascular morphology of pathological tissues. By applying this function, the presence of heme in the blood becomes more pronounced, allowing for a clearer distinction of vascular structures within pathological tissues.

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Automatic brightness control

The illumination intensity is automatically adjusted based on the ambient light conditions to prevent tissue overexposure to the irradiation light and effectively regulate the temperature at the end of the endoscope. This intelligent adjustment ensures that tissues are not subjected to excessive light intensity, which could potentially cause harm or discomfort. By maintaining optimal illumination levels, the system enhances safety and provides a more comfortable experience for both medical professionals and patients during endoscopic procedures.

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Digital magnification


Enable high-definition detail magnification and accurate lesion identification. The advanced technology employed allows for enhanced visualization and zooming capabilities, ensuring that even the smallest details and abnormalities can be easily identified during medical examinations or procedures.

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