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Irrigation Pump



The AFP-1 allows the effective washing of the gastric and colonic mucosa during endoscopic procedures. This feature enables healthcare professionals to maintain clear visibility and enhance the quality of the examination by rinsing the mucosal surfaces. By effectively removing debris, mucus, or other obstructions, the system ensures optimal visualization and improves the accuracy of the procedure.

Fill the organ to be examined by EUS:

For endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) procedures, the AFP-1 offers the capability to fill the organ being examined with a suitable fluid. This feature allows for improved imaging and enhanced visualization during ultrasound examinations. By filling the organ, the system enables better acoustic coupling between the ultrasound probe and the surrounding tissues, resulting in clearer and more detailed ultrasound images.

Compact design

The AFP-1 is designed with a compact foot switch, optimizing the utilization of space on the endoscopic trolley. Its space-saving design ensures that other necessary equipment and devices can be accommodated, promoting an organized and efficient workflow in the endoscopy suite. This feature is especially beneficial in settings where space is limited, allowing for a well-organized and clutter-free environment.

Easy foot switch control

The AFP is equipped with an easy-to-use foot switch control, providing convenient and hands-free operation during endoscopic procedures. By utilizing the foot switch, healthcare professionals can activate and control various functions of the system without the need for manual interaction. This feature enhances procedural efficiency and allows for better focus on patient care.

Controllable flow rate

The AFP-1 offers a controllable flow rate feature, allowing healthcare professionals to adjust and optimize the cleaning or filling efficiency during procedures. With a total of 10 levels, the system provides a wide range of flow rate options to suit individual preferences and specific clinical needs. This versatility enables precise control over the fluid flow, ensuring optimal cleaning or filling effectiveness based on the requirements of each procedure.

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