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Compact endoscopy System

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Integrated LED lightsource


Aohua has integrated LED lights into the endoscope, eliminating the need for external light sources. By doing so, the design reduces the density of components and minimizes system failures caused by damaged light sources. This not only enhances the overall durability of the product but also lowers running costs.

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HBE Hemoglobin Enhancement


The HbE function is designed to enhance the visualization of heme in blood and highlight the vascular morphology of pathological tissues. By applying this function, the presence of heme in the blood becomes more pronounced, allowing for a clearer distinction of vascular structures within pathological tissues.


LCD Touchscreen

Wireless power supply refers to a power supply mode that electricity is first converted to other energy and then to electricity. The AQ-200 system is under non-radiative wireless power supply, and wireless power supply is achieved based on the principle of magnetic coupling resonance.

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